Girls Squad and New Comers

 The New Comers: Eleanor Marsh, Becky Lewis, Alexandra Jenkins, Thea Goodsell and Antonia Turrell. 

This year has started well, with the new girls dedicated (!!!!) and surprisingly already happy to train. They have assembled a good four, alternating as there are five of them that wish to row. They have also raced at the Cambridge Winter Head coming third in their category. Well Done- I know they were all very nervose! Their coach is Peter Haining- previous boys Westminster coach and rower extraordinaire. I’m sure they’ll be pretty amazing by the end of the year, especially with the help of their trusty friend- Eric!   

The Remove/Girls Top Squad:New Girl’ Alex Cairns, Karmen Watson, Anna Ruben, Jess Espey and cox Suzie Richards 

Moving to our sculling vocation, we have become a quad! Coxed when much in demand Suzie has time for us and otherwise cox-less! Something some of the boys can empathise with. Looking good for the up coming racing and with our fabulous coach Mr Bateman, we are well on the way…in our own relaxed manner!

Having  competed also in the Cambridge Winter Head, new girlie Alex has had a chance to taste the racing side of things…didn’t do to well in that race but it was our first so who cares! (Winners were a mish mash quad of Mathilde -back for one last race, Kat and Emily- our loyal out of school boat clubbers and Jess Espey)

Alex has been thrown in at the deep end-literally as she’s been swimming quite a few times! But is coping well and is looking very promising.

Alex and I (Jess) are also to brave a pair for future racing. Getting there little by little, I’m sure we’ll be fab for the summer season!! 

Kat and Emily:

Let us not forget two of the most dedicated rowers around! Kat and Emily are doing really well and have moved into a pair- a massive threat for the likes of Alex and I! They are training madly and I’m sure are to do really well this year. Unfortunately they are being coached by our very own Mr Riches! Better luck next time guys!!!!  

Well Done Everyone and thanks for sticking with it!


Jess Espey 25-11-2002

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